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Category: Product & Tutorials

Pure Chat Hits $1 Million in ARR

Today, Pure Chat hit a major milestone: We broke past the coveted $1 million Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) mark. It has been a long, fun and rewarding journey to get to this point and of course, we’re just at the beginning. They say the first million is the hardest. Fantastic! I look forward to the next $9 million being significantly easier as we begin our journey towards our next major milestone, $10 million in ARR. But before we go too far, lets recap on how we got here… A Beautifully Simple Product It all started as a 30-day project...

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New HubSpot Integration + July Updates

Features We added a brand new integration and completely revamped the mobile experience! Read on to learn what we added this July. HubSpot Integration – We now have a sweet direct integration into HubSpot’s free CRM! From the Integrations tab on your Account page, you will now see a HubSpot option. Enabling this will connect Pure Chat with your HubSpot account. When it’s connected, you will know if the person you are chatting with is a contact in HubSpot. If they aren’t, you can add them without leaving your Pure Chat dashboard! You can also export the chat transcript into their...

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New Chat Reports for Better Team Performance

Our chat reports are brand spankin’ new! Better understand team performance with more chat metrics and reporting filters. Check it out now under Reports. We heard from our customers that they needed report on chats for a given timeframe. The previous “chat stats” only showed you chats for today, yesterday and all time which was too limiting. We even had some customers who were copy and pasting yesterday’s chats into a new Excel spreadsheet to keep track of it all. It’s super tedious. Yikes. Now you can see chat metrics for any date range. Save time by running reports on chat...

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Engage Your Website Visitors from Anywhere

What if you could view your website visitors in real time while you’re riding the L-Train? Or generate a couple extra leads while in-between client meetings? Or better yet, talk with a few prospective customers poolside? Now engaging website visitors is possible from your phone. Visitors is now available on the Pure Chat mobile app for iOS and Android. Did you miss the launch of Visitors from Pure Chat? Learn all about it! See who’s on your website from anywhere. View all your website visitors in real time on your phone. Check how many visitors are on your website at...

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How Real-Time Analytics Can Vastly Improve Your Email Marketing

I have been doing email marketing, through the use of newsletters (or email blasts) for nearly 20 years. So I was shocked when in less than 2 hours, my view of how email marketing works changed dramatically. Last week, the Axosoft team installed Pure Chat Visitor Tracking code on GitKraken.com, a popular git client, and proceeded to send out an email blast to the newsletter subscribers of the site. Having realtime visitor tracking on the site, I was curious as to what the newsletter would do to the traffic in realtime, so of course, I tuned in closely to...

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