Pure Chat helps entrepreneurs and small teams have better conversations with leads and customers.

Pure Chat help entrepreneurs and small teams have better conversations with leads and customers. Companies can use Pure Chat to see who’s on their website in real time and start a live chat conversation with the most qualified leads. Instead of spending hours talking on the phone, Pure Chat helps businesses message multiple leads and customers at once! Team members can chat with new website visitors at their desks or on the go with it’s mobile apps.

Kevin William David interviewed Hamid Shojaee, CEO of Pure Chat to know more.

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Hey Hamid, Let’s get started!

What is Pure Chat? Can you tell us about what you are working on?
Pure Chat is a modern engagement tool that provides live chat, visitor analytics, a lightweight CRM tool and iOS and Android mobile apps to help entrepreneurs and small to mid-sized teams have more meaningful conversations with their leads and customers. Pure Chat serves over 14,000 customers in 100+ countries and now conducts over 500,000 live chats every month.

From its inception, Pure Chat was developed with entrepreneurs and small to mid-sized teams in mind. Many of the competing customer engagement tools on the market are either limited to just live chat or cater to large organizations with feature sets that wouldn’t adequately address the most prevalent needs of smaller teams. Additionally, the cost of live chat software was often too high for this budget-constrained audience. Pure Chat identified this opportunity and worked to create a feature-rich product with a simple and intuitive user experience at an affordable price point.

Currently, we’re working on a handful of product updates that solve the more nuanced pain points that smaller teams experience. In addition, we’re creating an additional set of features intended to make our customers’ lives easier by sprinkling elements of awe and delight throughout the user experience. These might be things that our customers might not “need,” but by providing them, we can improve the way they’re using our product and thereby, help them achieve their business goals.

Pure Chat widget on sample website

Tell me more about why you are building this?
Our inspiration is our customers and the millions of other entrepreneurs and small organizations out there! We’re a small team and face many of the same challenges that confront our users, so it’s easy to be empathetic. Whether you’re a startup or small team, one of the constant challenges is minimizing expenses while trying to maximize revenue so that you’re able to grow.

At this point, we have a solid product and our core features are working well for our customers. By turning our attention to these smaller points of frustration and value-add opportunities, we can deliver an optimized experience that hopefully, reduces the need and corresponding cost of other tools while boosting revenue and increasing ROI.

How is Pure Chat different from what already exists in the market? What’s unique about what you are building & why do you think companies should use Pure Chat?
It’s no secret that the [live chat] market is pretty saturated and is becoming an increasingly competitive space. What’s really interesting is to see how older companies have (or have not) adapted to the advances in marketing and technology and also, how new companies are trying to position themselves in the industry.

Our customers love that Pure Chat is very affordable, simple and intuitive to use, and most see a positive return almost immediately. We’ve also rolled out several features that really set Pure Chat apart: the Engagement Hub, robust real-time visitor analytics, visitor alerts, advanced customization options, historical contact data and so much more. We’re constantly pinging our customers to check in, grab feedback and make sure that we’re exceeding their expectations. Our entire team cares deeply about the satisfaction and success of our customers and that pride definitely permeates everything we do.

Pure Chat's live chat dashboard


Who uses Pure Chat? Can you tell us a bit about the different customer segments using Pure Chat? What types of roles do your customers have at their companies?
Pure Chat is fortunate to have customers in a wide array of verticals, which is a testament to the ease-of-use and overall value of our product. If we had to distill it down, education, online retail, business and travel would be our largest segments. Similarly, our users typically wear multiple hats, but fall into the owner/founder, marketing, sales or customer service roles. In today’s digital world, it’s unrealistic to draw lines in the sand between departments because everything is connected – arguably even more so in smaller organizations. Pure Chat allows employees in different departments to use our product in various ways to maximize the impact on overall goals and objectives.

How are your customers using Pure Chat? Could you share a few different use cases?

It’s really incredible to see all of the different ways that our customers are using Pure Chat and the diversity of our user base. We have customers in over 100 countries and use a wide variety of languages to speak with their visitors.

Most of our customers use Pure Chat for a combination of lead nurturing/sales and support. That’s the beauty of live chat — operators can field any question, regardless of where it falls in the customer lifecycle. It’s an opportunity for organizations to cultivate their brand by engaging with their visitors and providing information, instantly.

Pure Chat iOS and Android mobile apps

Have there been unique use cases for Pure Chat that you hadn’t thought of or expected?

When we first launched Pure Chat, we knew that sales and customer service would be the primary use cases for our product. What surprised us was the breadth of organizations using Pure Chat. We didn’t expect the educational space to adopt our product so heavily and openly. We quickly realized there are a ton of different applications within education: registrar, financial aid, lead nurturing, blackboard issues, office hours, etc. The gaming community also surprised us. They are some of our heaviest chatters! We also have customers who work at adoption agencies, genetic screening medical companies and just about everything in between. It’s both eye opening and incredibly rewarding to see!

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