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Category: Small Business

How Branding Helps Your Small Business

Branding can be intimidating, but it’s easily one of the most important aspects of your business, no matter how big or small you are. For those without a brand or even a logo, one of the most common excuses is “Well, I’m just one person”, or, “We’re not big enough for that yet”. It’s a misconception that branding is for larger business while smaller businesses should be left simply performing tasks that are directly responsible for bringing in revenue. Branding makes a difference in your business, and it’s so much more than your logo design. It’s everything that makes...

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12 Ways to Optimize Your Ecommerce Site for Conversions

Once you’ve attracted leads to your website, it should be a breeze to turn them into paying customers, right? Not always. Even the most qualified prospects can fall off during the buying process. That’s why we consulted Jordan Gal, an entrepreneur who streamlined the conversion pipeline in his own successful ecommerce business, to learn how to optimize the customer journey. Navigation 1. Find out how your customers really shop. Although you’re an expert on your products or services, you may not be an expert on how customers shop for them. Get inside your consumer’s head and use a website...

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No time. No intern. No problem! How to test live chat for your business.

For small businesses live chat seems like a no brainer. After all, what company doesn’t like the idea of answering more customer questions? That said, it can also feel like offering live chat is a huge investment. Does someone need to be hired just to man the chat? Is it going to be a team disruption? Questions like these are the reason we created this simple process to help small businesses test out live chat in just one week so they’ll know what kind of resources should really be dedicated to this sales and support channel. Choose the Right...

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5 Emerging Trends in Online Retail for 2016

Online stores have become a major revenue source for many small businesses over the last several years. If you’re already active with e-commerce or thinking about expanding into this space, here are five online retail trends to consider for 2016 from Snap Retail. #1 Product Research Customers are more savvy than ever and they’re turning to online research before purchasing practically anything. Even if your business sells multi-channel and the customer completes the transaction in-store, they still want to check reviews, features, and pricing online. Someone may also use search engines to look for online retailers carrying a certain...

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45 Tips to Improve Customer Communication on Your Website

The customer is king. Much has been written lately about the “Age of the Customer.” Despite all the press, I still wonder if we’re all doing as much as we can to truly improve and maximize customer communication channels. If not, we should be. Gartner predicted that 89% of companies would compete mostly on customer experience this year. And each customer journey starts way before they become a customer. The journey starts with their first introduction to your brand, which will most likely be your website. Even if you think your company’s got it all figured out, you may...

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