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Author: Robert Nelson

February Update: Canned Responses Upgrade and More

Hi Pure Chatters! I missed you guys. 2018 is going to be an awesome year for us and hopefully for you and your business as well. Our infrastructure changes and behind-the-scenes improvements are finally complete and we’re ready to use all of that extra power and scalability to make the product better than ever. We are working on some big updates, but to show you that we are always working to improve Pure Chat, we wanted to roll out some smaller updates to the product that we think are pretty cool to tide you over. Canned Responses Update You can now create canned responses using variable names that are in the product. This means you can quickly say things like, “Hi {visitorName}! How are you?” and the visitor will see, “Hi Robert! How are you?” You can set this up from the canned responses menu: https://app.purechat.com/settings/cannedresponses. Now, when you create a new canned response or edit an existing one, you will see an Add Variable option (see below). Simply click on Add Variable to insert a dynamic field into your canned message. You can choose from the following options: Visitor Name, Visitor Email, Operator Name, Operator Email, Websites Name (your chat box title) and Company Name (your company). Now, your canned responses will feel more personal and awesome! User Roles Update As the product continues to grow and our user base...

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Pure Chat In One Page

Hey everyone! In our latest update, we took aim at making Pure Chat even easier to use. For a while now, we have wanted to make Pure Chat a single page application. Opening a new tab for the account settings and reporting pages were a necessary evil of the old design. It was finally time we took on this big task of putting all of what we offer into a single page so it would become so much easier to navigate around the product. When you login now, you will see an updated top navigation bar with access to...

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File Transfer!

Since we were able to give the chat experience a fresh, new look with the Engagement Hub update, our team decided it was time to tackle a highly requested feature – file transfer! I know, I know…it’s about time. I completely agree. File transfer is something that we’ve wanted to do for awhile, but we also wanted to be certain that we got it right the first time. We had a lot of conversations around designs, functionality and overall usability to ensure that we delivered a top-notch feature that would make Pure Chat even more amazing to use. We...

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The Engagement Hub: An All New Pure Chat Experience

Install the Engagement Hub on your website for free. Sign up now! TL;DR This post is quite long and detailed, but for good reason. It’s filled with incredible updates and helpful notes, so definitely take the time and read it if you can. We released a huge update. We’ve created an entirely new chat experience that essentially renders your Contact page obsolete. We’re talking about something that, to our knowledge, has never been done before. The Pure Chat team is thrilled to introduce the Engagement Hub – a way for businesses to centralize all of their desired modes of communication into...

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Tagging Goes Mobile!

  We take our mobile app very serious here at Pure Chat. With over a hundred thousand downloads on iOS and Android, our users are showing that chats can take place at any time and from anywhere. The mobile app is vital in our mission to help you connect with your customers in the easiest way possible. In fact, some of you don’t even use the web browser dashboard, that blows our mind! As a result of this, we want to make sure the mobile app is keeping up with all the cool, helpful features of the main dashboard. That...

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