Our chat reports are brand spankin’ new! Better understand team performance with more chat metrics and reporting filters. Check it out now under Reports.

We heard from our customers that they needed report on chats for a given timeframe. The previous “chat stats” only showed you chats for today, yesterday and all time which was too limiting. We even had some customers who were copy and pasting yesterday’s chats into a new Excel spreadsheet to keep track of it all. It’s super tedious. Yikes.

Now you can see chat metrics for any date range. Save time by running reports on chat conversations and team performance in one place.

live chat reports from pure chat

We also heard from sales and marketing managers that creating weekly updates for their leaders was time consuming so we added an export to .csv button. Now you can download a .csv file for chat metrics. Create reports exactly as you wish and show your boss you’re a badass.

Learn more about our new live chat reports. Have more questions? Email us at support@