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Author: Hamid Shojaee

This is Embarrassing: More About Today’s Outage

Today, we experienced an unscheduled outage of a little over 2 hours. That is highly unusual for Pure Chat and we thought it’s worth providing a little more explanation… Some Background Over the past 5 months, we have been carefully and methodically learning and creating plans to migrate Pure Chat’s entire infrastructure from dedicated servers, and transition them to virtual machines hosted on Amazon’s AWS network. On December 29th, we finally pulled the trigger and made this huge move. The transition was naturally quite a large undertaking. Pure Chat has oodles of services, sites, and supporting infrastructure to serve up our home page, dashboard, mobile apps, visitor tracking, and APIs. All of this technology works together to deliver an awesome seamless experience. Our transition to AWS opens up completely new possibilities for scalability, reliability, and new features for Pure Chat, so it’s super exciting! What Happened Today Managing infrastructure and software inside of AWS has some unique challenges that we are still working through. Today, we encountered a perfect storm of challenges. We deployed a new version of our software to increase database query performance on a critical piece of code. Even though the new code had been tested in our staging environment, Amazon Elasticbeanstalk was not happy with our change in production, to say the least. It deployed the new version of our code to some of the...

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Pure Chat Hits $1 Million in ARR

Today, Pure Chat hit a major milestone: We broke past the coveted $1 million Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) mark. It has been a long, fun and rewarding journey to get to this point and of course, we’re just at the beginning. They say the first million is the hardest. Fantastic! I look forward to the next $9 million being significantly easier as we begin our journey towards our next major milestone, $10 million in ARR. But before we go too far, lets recap on how we got here… A Beautifully Simple Product It all started as a 30-day project...

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How Real-Time Analytics Can Vastly Improve Your Email Marketing

I have been doing email marketing, through the use of newsletters (or email blasts) for nearly 20 years. So I was shocked when in less than 2 hours, my view of how email marketing works changed dramatically. Last week, the Axosoft team installed Pure Chat Visitor Tracking code on GitKraken.com, a popular git client, and proceeded to send out an email blast to the newsletter subscribers of the site. Having realtime visitor tracking on the site, I was curious as to what the newsletter would do to the traffic in realtime, so of course, I tuned in closely to...

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Bootstrap vs. Seed Money: Which Type of Growth is Right for Your Startup?

You have a brilliant idea, and you have a few talented folks who are helping you bring that idea to fruition. There’s a big problem, though: money. You and your cohorts have some in the bank, but is it enough? I’ve been fortunate enough to build, launch, and run not one, but three software startups. So, I’ve also—unfortunately—experienced the overwhelming need for funding. And as I’ve written about in a previous article, it can be hard out there for an Arizona startup, especially when it comes to finding money. But if I can uncover money in a desert, I’m...

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Lessons Learned Building 3 Software Companies

Pure Chat’s founder, Hamid Shojaee, has spent the last 20 years building software companies and learning a ton in the process. Inspired by the actionable advice in The Hard Thing About Hard Things, Hamid uses this presentation to a group of entrepreneurs on the AZ Tech Beat Startup Bus Tour to share his most valuable insights about four pillars of a software company: product, finances, marketing, and IT. In this talk you’ll learn: How to choose between two competing features on your roadmap The way to look at refactoring and technical debt How to draw the right conclusions from usability testing Three things investors need to see before they’ll invest The financial numbers you need to know like the back of your hand Where you should be marketing and which numbers to track The best way to market your company with no marketing budget 'No matter what, you have to have a freaking great product.' - @hamids @aztechbeat #startup Click To Tweet Resources and Links Key SaaS Metrics Every Software Company Needs to Know Hamid’s...

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