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Author: Lindsay Bayuk

New Chat Reports for Better Team Performance

Our chat reports are brand spankin’ new! Better understand team performance with more chat metrics and reporting filters. Check it out now under Reports. We heard from our customers that they needed report on chats for a given timeframe. The previous “chat stats” only showed you chats for today, yesterday and all time which was too limiting. We even had some customers who were copy and pasting yesterday’s chats into a new Excel spreadsheet to keep track of it all. It’s super tedious. Yikes. Now you can see chat metrics for any date range. Save time by running reports on chat...

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Engage Your Website Visitors from Anywhere

What if you could view your website visitors in real time while you’re riding the L-Train? Or generate a couple extra leads while in-between client meetings? Or better yet, talk with a few prospective customers poolside? Now engaging website visitors is possible from your phone. Visitors is now available on the Pure Chat mobile app for iOS and Android. Did you miss the launch of Visitors from Pure Chat? Learn all about it! See who’s on your website from anywhere. View all your website visitors in real time on your phone. Check how many visitors are on your website at...

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April Update: Making Your Life Just a Little Easier

Good morning! We’re happy to share some of the small updates we delivered yesterday. These and other small fixes will help make Pure Chat just that must easier for you. Enjoy! Get a Sound Alert When You’re Invited to Chat Want to know when you’re invited to a conversation? Now you’ll get a sound alert when another operator invites you to join a chat. Toggle Visitors for Multiple Chat Boxes Many of our customers with multiple websites use multiple chat boxes in order to segment chat conversations. Now you can see your website traffic for each website with the...

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Say Hello to Visitors from Pure Chat

We believe the web doesn’t have to be a cold, impersonal place. We think websites — especially small business websites — should easily connect people. Whether it’s a friend shopping for an inside-joke birthday gift or an operations manager looking for new software, people are behind every purchase. That’s why we created a way for you to see details about anyone on your website, identify your most qualified leads, and start a conversation using Pure Chat. You use most of your marketing dollars to drive people to your website. That’s why it’s crucial to your business’ success that you...

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45 Tips to Improve Customer Communication on Your Website

The customer is king. Much has been written lately about the “Age of the Customer.” Despite all the press, I still wonder if we’re all doing as much as we can to truly improve and maximize customer communication channels. If not, we should be. Gartner predicted that 89% of companies would compete mostly on customer experience this year. And each customer journey starts way before they become a customer. The journey starts with their first introduction to your brand, which will most likely be your website. Even if you think your company’s got it all figured out, you may...

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