Author: Lindsay Bayuk

Improve Your Buying Process by Making it Personal

Today’s customers have high expectations. Any good marketer knows that adding friction to the buying process reduces conversions and ultimately sales. In a 2012 report by Echo, they found that 55% of consumers have planned to make a purchase, but did not end up making that purchase because of a poor customer service experience. We’ve all experienced some sort of buying experience where you had questions that you needed answered before you purchased. You may have been looking to get your roof replaced or house painted and never got a call back on a quote. Or, maybe you were...

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Don’t Call Me: Why More Consumers Prefer Messaging

It’s nothing personal. I just don’t like a lot of phone calls. Even when I do pick up the phone, I dread being on hold. Being on hold usually means one of two things: elevator music or sheer silence. I’m not alone. We hear similar comments from our Pure Chat customers all the time. One of the key reasons our small business customers love live chat is because it’s often times better than being on the phone. The phone is slow. Sales calls can only be done one-at-a-time. When was the last time you actually wanted a sale rep to...

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