We believe the web doesn’t have to be a cold, impersonal place. We think websites — especially small business websites — should easily connect people. Whether it’s a friend shopping for an inside-joke birthday gift or an operations manager looking for new software, people are behind every purchase.

That’s why we created a way for you to see details about anyone on your website, identify your most qualified leads, and start a conversation using Pure Chat. You use most of your marketing dollars to drive people to your website. That’s why it’s crucial to your business’ success that you engage with those potential leads.

With Visitors, you can see a list of active website visitors, find out which pages they’ve viewed and look up past interactions with returning prospects. Armed with context about an individual on their website, you can start more relevant chat conversations.

Buyers shouldn’t do all the work. Why not make it easy for them and ask if they need any help? After all, if someone is on your website they probably need something or are just plain curious. They have questions and want answers. Don’t wait to follow up after the fact. Engage with people on your website in their moment of need.

Care is the new face of marketing.” – Elizabeth Closmore, Global Head of Product Evangelism & Partnerships, Sprinklr.

We’ve been working hard on this new feature and today’s the day! Say hello to Visitors from Pure Chat–available in Beta for free today. Let’s dive in!

Start a conversation with anyone on your website to generate more leads.

Initiate a chat conversation with any website visitor. Click “start a chat” to pro-actively send them a message.


See who’s on your website in real-time. Make smarter marketing and sales decisions with more information.

See a list of details about your active website visitors. Details include Name, Country, Time on Site, Current Page, Number of Visits and Source.

real-time website visitor analytics

Create stronger relationships by understanding the activity history of your most qualified prospects.

See your interaction history with each individual visitor. The history will show how they interacted with you before, what was said and how many times they have visited your site.
website visitor tracking


Use your time most effectively. See your website traffic in real-time.

The graph of web traffic allows businesses to quickly visualize traffic trends throughout the day; then compare today’s trends to traffic last week.

real-time website analytics with pure chat

Here’s what people are saying!

“Love Visitors so far and it has already increased sales even more. I can let you know that Pure Chat converts about 80% of my business.  We are doing almost $30,000/month and having live chat on the site helps us to answer pre-sale questions and close the deal for purchase.” – Jarrett Gucci, CEO of WPFixIt

“I think it’s great! We’ve piloted engaging in several chats with Visitors and have gotten some traction.” – Corey Robbins, Global Sales Rep with Wowza Media Systems

We love the ability to start a chat in real-time when a visitor arrives. It’s also amazing to see the link they came from as it helps us make the conversation more relevant.” – Eden Ghebray with BluSky Films

And the best part? It’s free! Once you install Pure Chat on your website, you can access Visitors for free.

Invite anyone to a conversation. Message your website visitors. Be human. Show them you’re not a robot. You’re just two people striking up a conversation and trying to help each other.

Stop just just waiting around with your fingers crossed hoping for more leads. Instead, say hello

Website Visitor Tracking