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Category: Small Business

Improve Conversion by Overcoming Fears, Assumptions and Questions

I recently investigated website security solutions and followed a recommendation to a popular provider. Their website offered little in the way of answers to the questions I had — how much would this cost me, could I try it on a month-to-month basis before signing a longer contract term, and how long would it take to implement? None of these answers were on their site, but they had a handy “chat now” option, so I clicked. While their very polite representative signed in quickly and asked how he could help, it took over half an hour to get the answers...

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Sell Smarter, Not Harder.

The digital world today offers a wide variety of tools to use as a salesperson, from LinkedIn Sales Navigator to others like analytics and live chat software. If you’re anything like us, the key is to find tools that are easy to use, integrate seamlessly into your sales cycle, and provide the most value when reaching prospects and good leads. Company websites have been the playground for marketers for a very long time, hence it being focused on analytics and other KPIs for digital marketing. Marketing has evolved, the buyer has evolved, and now the sales process is ready...

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New Year’s Resolutions for Small Business in 2016 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Now that we’ve wrapped up 2015, we’re excited about the new chapter 2016 will bring. We think most resolutions have the best of intentions, but tend to go too far. Instead of wild, shoot-for-the-moon goals, we think it’s far more practical to start with little evolutionary changes in 2016. Don’t have time to craft your own resolutions? We’ve got you covered. Many major shifts in consumer behavior have reached a fever pitch and can’t be avoided. That’s why It’s time to take action. After speaking with hundreds of small business owners, we know there are a few key resolutions that...

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8 Free Tools SMBs Can Use to Improve Customer Satisfaction [INFOGRAPHIC]

Brought to you by Pure Chat, a live chat software for small business and LucidPress, a design tool that enables small businesses to create and share visual content. Even though you probably think your business is providing a stellar customer experience, things may not be as rosy as you believe. That’s because 80% of companies say they deliver “superior” customer service, but only 8% of their customers agree. Ouch. To help your business get a read on and boost customer opinion, check out these eight free tools to improve customer satisfaction! 1. AskNicely Problem: According to a 2014 survey from Bright Local,...

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