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Author: Arielle Hurst

Pure Chat Pro Tips: Chatting with Website Visitors

We know you’re probably already a pro at engaging the visitors on your site, but if you want a few extra pointers, check out these six, quick tips! They’ll help you answer questions even more quickly, keep contact info updated, and quickly send transcripts to a teammate or tool. Chat Tips Sometimes the simplest things are the most easily overlooked. That’s why this is just a friendly reminder to set yourself available with the Available on Chat Boxes toggle.   2. Once you’ve created a couple saved replies by visiting Account > Canned Responses, they will appear as you...

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Introducing Our New Marketing Tools: Fetch Hudson & QuickVid.io

Every year our development team spends one month learning new technology by creating their own original software products that are totally separate (but equally as awesome as!) Pure Chat. This year they split into groups and spent those 30 days making two free products small businesses can use to improve their marketing. So, without further ado, our team would like to present: Fetch Hudson — The simplest way to keep tabs on your competition. QuickVid.io — Turn photos into videos in just minutes. Intrigued? We hope so! Feel free to visit those sites and try those tools right now or...

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12 Ways to Optimize Your Ecommerce Site for Conversions

Once you’ve attracted leads to your website, it should be a breeze to turn them into paying customers, right? Not always. Even the most qualified prospects can fall off during the buying process. That’s why we consulted Jordan Gal, an entrepreneur who streamlined the conversion pipeline in his own successful ecommerce business, to learn how to optimize the customer journey. Navigation 1. Find out how your customers really shop. Although you’re an expert on your products or services, you may not be an expert on how customers shop for them. Get inside your consumer’s head and use a website...

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No time. No intern. No problem! How to test live chat for your business.

For small businesses live chat seems like a no brainer. After all, what company doesn’t like the idea of answering more customer questions? That said, it can also feel like offering live chat is a huge investment. Does someone need to be hired just to man the chat? Is it going to be a team disruption? Questions like these are the reason we created this simple process to help small businesses test out live chat in just one week so they’ll know what kind of resources should really be dedicated to this sales and support channel. Choose the Right...

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9 WordPress Plugins Your Small Business Needs in 2016

If your small business uses WordPress (as more than 60% of websites do!), you probably already have a shortlist of go-to plugins that are essential. Add ons like Yoast SEO, Akismet for comments, and Google Analytics Dashboard are all a must for businesses who want to easily and effectively manage their websites. But in 2016 there are some new essentials your business needs to be using if you want to get more leads and keep your website secure. Check out our list of nine must-have plugins you don’t already have for 2016. 1. WP Touch With Google’s latest major...

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