The digital world today offers a wide variety of tools to use as a salesperson, from LinkedIn Sales Navigator to others like analytics and live chat software.

If you’re anything like us, the key is to find tools that are easy to use, integrate seamlessly into your sales cycle, and provide the most value when reaching prospects and good leads.

Company websites have been the playground for marketers for a very long time, hence it being focused on analytics and other KPIs for digital marketing. Marketing has evolved, the buyer has evolved, and now the sales process is ready to evolve, as social selling evangelist Jack Kosakowski underlined in one of his latest blog posts.

Now, your website must evolve!

Let’s take a look at LeadFeeder and Pure Chat, two tools that can be utilized for smarter selling in the new year.

leadfeeder tweet

pure chat tweet

Instant messaging is a highly effective approach for sales and marketing, and it’s set to grow even bigger in 2016. But what other tools are a perfect fit for live chat software, and also complement the approach of the active sales and support person?

If you’re using something like Pure Chat, there’s a good chance that you’re the type of person who hates sitting around all day, waiting for someone to fill in a form or download a white paper from your website. It also means that you’ll probably love the approach of some available lead capture tools.

LeadFeeder, for example, connects to Google Analytics and shows you what companies do on your website, whether they contact you or not.

These capabilities are ideal for the modern salesperson, and present several fantastic (and easy) ways you can enhance the effectiveness of how you currently serve website visitors and customers.

Today we’ve got a great real-life story with practical examples of how tools like Pure Chat and LeadFeeder can be utilized together.

Sarah visits your website…

She starts a chat with you through Pure Chat because she likes your product, and has a question about pricing. However, Sarah then has to run off to another meeting and forgets to leave her email address.

pure chat lead details

Pure Chat lead details

As a salesperson, not getting someone’s contact information can be fatal. But, because you are a smart seller, you’ve optimized your website so that it can capture this info for you. You open up LeadFeeder, and find Sarah’s company and visit details based on the time and other information provided by the lead capture tool.

You decide to take a gander at what else Sarah did on your website during her visit. It is discovered that she probably has a high level of interest, given all of the sections of the site that she visited, as well as the time spent on each page.


Look! Someone from Sarah’s company has been on your site before today too.

This lead is worth some time now, especially after you find that someone from that company has been on your website before (probably Sarah). And now you go to their page to do some research, then find Sarah on LinkedIn.  You set an alert so that you are notified every time someone from that company visits your page.

Some weeks later, Sarah starts another conversation with you using Pure Chat. You take another gander at LeadFeeder to see what she is looking at, arming yourself accordingly. Now she’s ready to purchase, and you’re ready to effectively help her!

There is no one size fits all approach to easing the sales process. There is, however, a practice that will help in any industry, which is being smarter. Being smarter saves time and allows you to do your job better. This will pay dividends in 2016, as well as in the years to come.