Our team recently travelled to Nashville, Tennessee. On the trip we were lucky enough to meet with some of our wonderful customers. Here’s one of their stories!

If you’ve ever done serious landscaping or construction, you know you’ve got to dial your local 811 team to avoid hitting underground power, water, gas and cable lines. This important service protects property and more importantly–lives! It’s not only free and easy, it’s also the law.FullSizeRender (1)

Tennessee 811 is the underground utility notification center for–you guessed it–Tennessee! They are a non-profit funded by membership fees from most of the Tennessee utility companies. The Tennessee 811 team is available 24/7 for Tennessee residents and contractors. In 2014, the 65-person company sent out 2.8M locates.

Bill Berzins has been at Tenn811 for over 26 years and is the Director of IT. He started as an agent and knows first-hand what it’s like to respond to urgent inquiries. With more and more people searching for solutions online, Bill knew that providing an easy online experience for Tennessee residents was imperative. He added live chat to the Tenn811 website.

Although live chat was helpful, Berzins’ team felt like their tool was complicated and not user-friendly. Knowing that a better solution had to exist, he spent a month researching other live chat solutions and found Pure Chat – the perfect combination of usability and price. Bill and his team signed up for Pure Chat to test it out and the rest was history.

Since switching to Pure Chat, Bill estimates they have had 300% more chats from website visitors. He credits the appealing design of the chat box and the image on top. The team at Tenn811 uses Pure Chat to help visitors with immediate questions, log e-tickets and find emergency locates. Since the service must be available 24/7, Bill views Pure Chat as a great back-up in the rare event that their phone systems fail.

“Let me just say this: We love it!” – Bill Berzins, Director of IT at Tennessee 811

Bill is always looking for new ways to improve the service they provide with technology. His goal is to move all Tenn811 operations to the cloud before he retires.