Last week our team packed up and hit the road once again to sponsor one of our favorite small business conferences: ICON. ICON15 (as this year’s edition was called) is put on by Infusionsoft, a CRM and marketing automation tool that’s dedicated itself to helping small businesses take their game to the next level. Awesome! In fact, we think their mission is so cool that (spoiler alert!) we just released an integration with them, so keep an eye on your inbox to learn more 🙂


Once we got to the conference (see corny group pic below), we had a blast meeting tons of small business owners and sharing Pure Chat with them. After all, nothing’s as rewarding as hearing, “Wow, this seems perfect for us!” or “It only costs $5? That’s a no-brainer!” Plus, we also had a chance to meet a few current customers and find out how they’re using the tool, which is a great way for us to recalibrate our roadmap.


Our founder Hamid Shojaee sharing his wisdom in a couple interviews…

interview2 interview1

Now that we’re back in the office, we’re already looking for our next opportunity to connect with more small businesses and customers, so if you have a suggestion for us, feel free to leave a comment below!