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 If you’re ready to hone in on key, lead-driving channels and perfect your sales process, our conversation with sales trainer Wes Schaeffer, also known as the Sales Whisperer, is just what you’re looking for.


“You cannot be an expert on Snapchat and Vine and Instagram and Pinterest and Facebook and PPC. Find out where your ideal people are hanging out, pick one or two that you can master, and dominate there.” “You gotta be marketing minded, you gotta promote, promote, promote!”
“Your website is the only piece of real estate you own. Facebook can change the rules and they have. Twitter can change the rules and they have. So you always need to be driving prospects back to your website so you can get their contact information. That way you can begin the dialogue, start to nurture them, educate them, inform them, and warm them up to make the sale.”
“Enter the conversation going on in the mind of the prospect. Get in front of them with organic or paid content.”


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