Installing Pure Chat

Using Pure Chat

Live Chat Reporting

See your chat metrics over time and download the results.

Pure Chat Reporting


Click to the Reports tab and use the dropdowns at the top to filter the chat statistics below based on date and users.

In Conversations you’ll see the total number of conversations (chats and emails combined) by a breakdown for each communication type. Average Times and Ratings share your team’s response times, chat duration and satisfaction scores.

Automatically the results for “everyone” will exclude disabled users. To see the statistics for users who have been deactivated or deleted, just check the box in the bottom left.

Once you’ve selected the date range and users you want to see, click Download to CSV in the bottom right to export that information and turn it into your own reports.

Get an email report of yesterday’s chat activity. Understand daily chat activity without having to log in to Pure Chat.

In the Reports section you can also find all your team’s transcripts. To learn more about transcripts, click here.

Report Details

Here’s what each section of the chat report means.

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