Author: Arielle Hurst

We’re Tackling Long-Tail SEO in Podcast #2

Welcome back to the Pure Chat Podcast! This week I talked with eight-year SEO and inbound marketing veteran Ian Garlic about how small businesses can generate more leads with long-tail SEO. Tune in to the podcast or read the interview below to learn what long-tail SEO is and how you can use it to improve your business 🙂 LINKS Follow Ian on Twitter Check out his podcast the Tao of Inbound Learn morn about his web design agency Authentic Web Full Interview (Watch video here) Arielle Hurst:  I think a lot of people understand what traditional SEO is, which is trying...

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Guess what? We’ve got a podcast now.

Recently we surveyed our customers to find out what they would like to see on our blog; and on top of wanting more Pure Chat tips (see our previous blog post for the first one of those!), many of you were also looking for ways to increase sales and improve your bottom line. So taking your feedback into account, we started brainstorming ways to bring you this content. Of course our initial idea was the typical “5 Ways to do ______” blog post approach, but those are a little tried and frankly, aren’t that fun to write. So, with...

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Feelin’ the Small Business Love at ICON15

Last week our team packed up and hit the road once again to sponsor one of our favorite small business conferences: ICON. ICON15 (as this year’s edition was called) is put on by Infusionsoft, a CRM and marketing automation tool that’s dedicated itself to helping small businesses take their game to the next level. Awesome! In fact, we think their mission is so cool that (spoiler alert!) we just released an integration with them, so keep an eye on your inbox to learn more 🙂 Once we got to the conference (see corny group pic below), we had a...

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