Last week, Dan Tyre from Hubspot and Pure Chat had an amazing conversation about “smarketing.” A lot of valuable subjects were covered. In case you missed it, here are a few of the questions and answers:

Q & A

Q: What is smarketing?

A: Sales & Marketing alignment

Q: How much should content marketing be focused on the top of the funnel vs. bottom of the funnel?

A: “It depends on the needs of the organization – if you are trying to generate more AWARENESS – then top of the funnel is big. But if you are looking for more help in lead gen, move closer to the middle of the funnel with EVALUATION call to actions.”

Q: Here we love real-time conversations. How does inbound marketing strike up engaging conversations similar to live chat (vs. outbound)?

A: “Pure Chat is the expert on real-time. Pure Chat team, what do you say?”

PC: We know Inbound strikes up a genuine conversation based on true interest from the prospect; way better than outbound!

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Q:   A lot of sales and marketing teams think they’re doing inbound marketing; what is the most common mistake you see?

A: “No common vocabulary, don’t have shared goals, don’t have dashboards, don’t communicate… this all equates to ugliness”

Q:   Hubspot is working to bring Inbound to everyone. How can smaller companies create a mission bigger than themselves?

A: “Today the key is the ideas in your brain, not the $ in your pocket – blog to help people solve their problems.”

Q: Do you think companies are creating too much noise with the pressure to constantly create content? Is blogging for everyone?

A: Creating content is super important for all companies AND THE right thing to do. - @DanTyre Click To Tweet

Q: How often are you creating content?

A: At Pure Chat we publish 2-3 times a week. Once we involved more team members we were able to amp it up!


Audience Questions

A few more Tweetables

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Dan’s input gave us all great perceptions on engagement, conversion, and other related areas. A lot of small business owners brainstorm the same topics, with some taking longer than others to reach the appropriate solution. These tips from Dan hopefully will provide some insight for at least one SBO; if so, then our conversation was a success!

It was also great to hear the questions and feedback from others in the audience. Receiving questions before the event even began was amazing! There were nothing but great questions and comments throughout the chat, and we learned some new things. We always relish the opportunity to learn from other sources!

Here is a link to look at the conversation log firsthand.