Wait, what?! ANOTHER update? Didn’t we just have two already this year? You’re damn right we did. Can’t stop, won’t stop! Anyway, more cool stuff is now available in the product and it builds off the latest updates which included the new Contact page and exporting features. Read on or watch this video to learn more about our latest additions to Pure Chat.


If you haven’t checked out your new Contacts page yet, I highly recommend you do so. Our latest update takes further advantage of the capabilities that page provides which includes visitor history information, the ability to search all previous contacts, and being able to see past chats you have had with a particular visitor.

  • Tagging – I told you we’d have more to say about tags in our last update 🙂  You likely chat about all kinds of different topics with Pure Chat in a given day. That’s why we now give you the ability to tag every transcript and contact, so it’s easy for you to identify trends, improve your support/sales processes, and really nail down what to emphasize.

In the right panel where you normally see the visitor data and past chat history, you will now see a Tags section. Each user on the account can easily add tags to a contact by clicking in the tags drop-down menu, typing your tag, and hitting Add. If a tag has been used before, it will auto-populate as you type so you can select it.

You can also click the X on a tag that’s associated with a contact to remove it from that person. If you click the “X” next to a tag in the dropdown menu, it will delete it from the entire account. Don’t worry — we’ll let you know how many times that tag was used before you delete it in case you actually meant to keep it!

If you’re in a chat conversation you may notice the Associate tag with transcript option beneath the dropbox for Tags. When you keep this checked, a tag will be associated with the chat transcript that’s created for the conversation. Mind blown yet? That means each conversation can be tagged separately from a particular contact. To find any transcripts or contacts with a specific tag, just search by the tag name to see a full list and quickly get a count for how many times that tag has been used.

  • Right panel transcripts – In the past, Transcripts were automatically opened in a new tab when you clicked on them in a contact’s details panel. Now when you click the transcript link from the visitor’s right panel during a chat, it will have that transcript record pop up right in front of you, so you can stay in the dashboard. That means you can quickly reference past chats with a visitor and dive right back into the current chat seamlessly.

  • Transcript design improvements – When you click into a transcript record, you’ll now see we made it easier to navigate between transcripts and we’ve given you the ability to email and export the transcript all in one area (top right corner).
  • New Tags column in Contacts page – Any tag you add to a contact can now be viewed quickly and easily with the new Tags column we added to the Contacts page. If there are multiple tags added for a contact, this will be shown in that column as well.


With new features comes new bugs, but we did a pretty good job catching most of them this time around. Go team!

  • Corrected text in the Manage Team section that was confusing about removing chat box assignments from that menu.

We’d love it if you guys would share what features you would like to see next, so email Robert@ or send in requests to support@ so we can make those things happen. You guys rock!