This week has been an amazing week for us. On Monday, we found out that Pure Chat was a winner of the Arizona Innovation Challenge. This amazing grant, administered by the Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA) is given to Arizona companies that show truly innovative solutions in the marketplace.

The ACA was excited about what Pure Chat is doing with Personal Chat Pages. While Live Chat on websites has been around for a while, Pure Chat is the first company to provide a complete Live Customer Engagement solution for a company’s website and their sales team. Personal Chat Pages allow prospects to start a conversation with their assigned sales rep from the rep’s Personal Chat Page.

Here is an example of what a Personal Chat Page can look like (this is my personal chat page):


From this page, anyone can initiate a conversation with me. There’s nothing else like it.

Of course, to win the Innovation Challenge, it helped that Pure Chat has seen tremendous growth. Since we first launched in August of 2012, our growth has been the definition of hockey stick. Take a look at the chart below that shows the total # of accounts at the end of each quarter:

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 12.46.10 PM

Watching the # of accounts increase like this has been super exciting. Today, we decided to add a live counter that shows the number of Pure Chat accounts publicly on our home page. It’s updated every 10 seconds…


Based on the live count on our home page, looks like we’ve added another 13,000+ accounts this month. Seems insane to me.

But the fun is just starting. Can’t wait to tell you about our plans for next week! Keep your eyes on the blog.