Live Chat for Your Website

Connect with Your Website Visitors
Make your brand more accessible with a customizable chat popup that empowers potential customers to reach your team instantly. You can update the look, language and message within the the popup or present it as a button throughout your website. Plus, Pure Chat also lets you add a custom call-to-action at the end of each chat, so customers can be driven toward the next step in their buying journey.
Chat Widget Preview
Widget Tab
Add an image
Start Chat
Use any Language
Closed Chat
Rate & Call-to-Action
Customize Your Popup
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Create Multiple Chat Popups
Learn how to assign chats by department!
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Personal Chat Pages

Example of a Personal Chat Page

Finally! A Place where prospects can reach you live online.
Your customers and prospects would love to talk to you. Unfortunately, they can be discouraged by the possibility of playing phone tag (ughhh!) and long waits for email responses. Thankfully, customers can now communicate with you instantly through Personal Chat Pages. These customizable profile pages allow anyone with your personal URL to begin a one-on-one live chat, so they can connect to setup a meeting, discuss product info, and get questions answered faster.
Customize all your Personal Chat Page features!
Share Your Page
Spread the word about your personal chat page by including it as a link in your email signature, “contact us” info, social profiles and any scheduling pages.
Personal Chat Page for your entire sales team!
Staying engaged with your customers is the surest way to close more sales. Pure Chat provides the only realtime customer engagement solution for both your website and for your sales team. Each sales team member gets a personalized page and custom URL where their prospects can reach them for a quick chat. There’s nothing else like it.
Sales Team
When you add users to your Pure Chat account, each user can set up their own personal chat page under the same company account.
Personal Pages

Operator Dashboard

The Operator Dashboard

Your Customer Conversation Hub

  • Canned Responses
    Canned Responses
    Tired of answering FAQs over and over? Create some public or private responses that allow you to provide the perfect answer instantly.
  • Availability & Scheduling
    Availability & Scheduling
    You'll never forget to sign in (or out) when you user our scheduler to set your chat availability by week. Plus, these settings are universal between your web and mobile apps, so you can be reached on-the-go!
  • Multiple Chats
    Multi-Chat Management
    Pure Chat displays conversations as a series of tabs in the center of your dashboard, so you can provide awesome customer service by the bunch.
  • Operaotr to operator chat
    Operator-to-Operator Chat
    Need to consult your teammate about a tricky question? Start an operator-to-operator chat to quickly sort it out within the dashboard.
Current Chat Panel Information SMS & Desktop Notifications
Stay on top of your chats with audio, visual and text notifications that let you know the moment a visitor sends in a chat request or replies with a new message.
Current Chat Panel Information Current Chat Panel Information
Get more info about the person you're chatting with by checking out the pane on the right to see the visitor's location, chat history, and current page on your site.

Admin Features

Improve Team Performance
Account administrators manage customer support and sales teams within Pure Chat by adding operators, assigning them to the right chat popup, and defining their role. They’re also able to see how each operator is doing with operator statistics and transcripts that show how teams are improving over time.
Admin Screens
Chat Transcripts
Pick up conversations where you left off with returning customers and see how your team is engaging site visitors.
Account Statistics
Operator Statistics
See how operators are doing at-a-glance with statistics that show the number chats each operator has taken and their visitor ratings over time.
User Management
User Management
Administrators can add users, define their role, assign them to chat popups, and reset passwords.

Pure Chat Mobile Apps

Chat on Your Favorite Device

Use our native apps to answer customer questions on-the-go and provide awesome customer service from any iOS or Android device.

Sync with
Your Dashboard
Dashboard mobile!
Receive Push
Availability on the go
Mobile apps
Answer and
Manage Chats
Syncs live
Set Your
Syncs live

Why Pure Chat?

Some Stats

  • 140,000+
  • 185,000+
  • 2,000,000+
    Chat Sessions (all time)

Did we mention Pure Chat is popular?

  • Since installing Pure Chat on our site, we have seen an increased interest in our full-range of products! Many of our visitors don't want to call evey time they have a question, so this allows them to surf the site and ask quick questions as they go. Benjamin Prodea
  • At Gudog we use Pure Chat to help our users understand our product as soon as they arrive on our site. And thanks to the Pure Chat mobile app, it also allows us to provide emergency support 24/7. I can't think of any other free app that provides us that much value to our startup! Javier Cuevas
  • If you're looking to add live chat functionality for customers to your website check out @PureChat - fast, free & easy! Ed Bullock @edbullock_
  • Had a nice chat with guys at @purechat! Looking to interact with your website visitors? Check them out at #amazing Wohooo Networks @WohoooNetowrks
  • Awesome live chat plugin for your website — super easy to install, answer chats from your phone. Felix Boehme @fboehme
  • There is a fantastic live chat plugin and app called Pure Chat. So you can answer any site queries on the go! EffortlessIT @falmouthweb
  • Just integrated @PureChat into our site  and we love it! Very professional and looks awesome! Tumo Design @tumodesign