What your website visitors see

When a visitor comes to your site, they'll find a chat widget docked to the edge of their window. If they need to chat, all they need to do is enter their name and the conversation will begin! (You can try it out yourself with our own widget, if you'd like.)

You can now also pop out the chat into a new window, allowing your visitors to continue to browse the site while talking to your operators.

chat widget

What your operators see

With Pure Chat there is nothing to install. Operators login to their dashboards right inside of any modern web browser. In this image, the Current Chats tab is selected. At a glance, an operator can monitor and participate in chat sessions. This is also where operators indicate their availability and can see incoming chat requests.

current chats dashboard

new! Hosted Chat Pages

Have you ever wanted to use your widget on a webpage that doesn’t provide an opportunity to paste our javascript snippet? Well now you can! Whether you’d love to provide live service in your eBay store, or want to avoid publishing your phone number on Craigslist, our hosted chat page can help.

To use hosted chat pages, enable “hosted chat page” in your widget settings and paste the link on any profile, post or email. Clicking the link will pop up a new page where visitors can chat with you like they would from a chat widget on your website.

chat transcripts

Native Mobile Apps

Sometimes you don't want to be tied to your computer, but you still want to be available for chat. Now, you can answer chats on the go with our iPhone and iPad application.

Canned responses

Often, site visitors will ask similar questions to your operators. Pure Chat makes it easy to provide pre-configured “private” and “public” responses without losing the personal touch that makes live website chatting such a valuable tool in the first place. This feature saves your operators time, which results in your web site visitors receiving even faster service.

Canned responses can be accessed by a dropdown menu, or autocomplete as you type.

canned responses
canned responses in chat

View chat history and transcripts

The Transcripts tab provides operators with a complete history of all chats in the system. This can help with operator education and collaboration.

chat transcripts

Chat widget customization

With Pure Chat you can customize how the chat widget appears on your web site. You can provide a name for your chat widget, a title, a dark or light theme, and a ton of other options, and you can determine where on your web pages the widget will appear. Also, you can set an availability time that automatically makes operators unavailable each day at a certain time.

set operator availability
chat widget settings

Change & update user settings

Administrators and operators can change the name that appears when they chat with website visitors. The email field is used for logging in and resetting forgotten passwords. This is also where you'll set your alert options.

operator settings

Operator & user management

Pure Chat provides straightforward user management features—add users, set passwords, edit users, edit roles, and delete users. Add as many operators as you would like.

user management

Admin statistics

Administrators have access to chat statistics that tell them daily and cumulative chat numbers. It's also easy to see how visitors are rating their chats overall and at the operator level.

admin statistics

Daily Summary Report

You can get a high-level view of customer interactions with Pure Chat's daily report. See how many chats you received overall, then learn more about average response time, duration and availiability. We've also separated these details on a per-widget basis, so you can compare engagement levels.

daily chat report

OnTime integration

If you're using OnTime Help Desk, Axosoft's incident tracking software, you can easily submit new incidents from Pure Chat. Setting up integration is easy—make sure you turn on your OnTime API—and you'll be able to submit any Pure Chat log to OnTime as a new incident. Chat logs can be included as text file attachments or added directly to the incident description.

For more information about OnTime, our agile project management software, visit www.ontimenow.com.

admin statistics

Even more features

Chat button customization

Embed a customizable button anywhere you would like on your website to initiate the pop up chat widget. Just copy and paste an additional snippet of code where you would like the button to show up.

Desktop notifications

Enabling desktop notifications will help make sure that your support and sales chat operators answer incoming chats faster. Other notifications include the page title changing and a browser alert window.

Chat session ratings

Monitor how your sales and support team is doing during chat sessions. At the end of every chat, users are able to vote with a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”. Users can also download the chat transcript.

Availability status

Operators can quickly see their availability status when they are logged in. Toggling the status to available or unavailable is a one-click process.

Typing indicator

Both operators and visitors can see when the other is typing. This feedback makes the online conversation experience better for both participants.

Operator chat

With Pure Chat, operators can chat with each other. This allows the operators to collaborate and provide even better service to your website visitors.

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