Many small businesses are constantly generating new ideas about how to bring in fresh leads, but fewer are that focused on increasing the value of current customers. That’s why we called Jon Parrish, CEO of loyalty marketing software CityGro, to talk with us about creating better customer relationships and growing revenue per customer.

In our interview I asked him these five questions:

  1. Even though getting new customers is important, you believe that loyal, current customers are the most valuable. Why is that?
  2. To get even more value out of current customers, how should local businesses reach out? There’s got to be more we can do than a birthday coupon!
  3. In order to create a loyal customer and do targeted outreach to them, you need to know who they are. What are some good ways for local businesses to capture new leads?
  4. Discounting is a very popular way businesses entice customers to come back. Is there another/better way? Businesses shouldn’t sell themselves short!
  5. How can you turn loyal customers into brand advocates?


Jon’s Customer Loyalty Marketing Resources: