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justin wiseIn this episode we chat with author, speaker, founder and the very “legit” Mr. Justin Wise, CEO of ThinkDigital. We connected with Justin to talk about social media, but the core of our conversation really ends up revolving around purpose. Even though so many small business owners and entrepreneurs don’t invest the time to create a clear mission, Justin believes a cornerstone of success in digital marketing is “a deep-seated connection to a common purpose” between an audience and a business. Once your purpose is clear, it’s much simpler to engage on social. As a social media maven, Justin talks about engagement as the ultimate differentiator. He’s going-for-broke on engagement across all channels–not just social media.

We laugh, almost cry and we learn that Justin reads a lot of books (and we mean a LOT of good books). Listen for all his recommendations!

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What small businesses can learn from not-for-profits and declaring your purpose
  • How to get clear on your core value prop and avoid ending up in the “graveyard” of failed businesses
  • How to get past the entrepreneurial point-of-no-return
  • Why social media isn’t “cute” and how social is your brand ambassador
  • How small business owners can turn the social media dream into actual leads

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