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Jordan Gal of CartHook

In this Small Biz Chat we talk to ecommerce expert Jordan Gal. Today Jordan owns CartHook, a successful software company that helps ecommerce entrepreneurs reduce shopping cart abandonments, but before that he was creating a streamlined conversion pipeline in his own ecommerce business! After discovering the levers that could bring in and convert the most leads, Jordan was able to rapidly grow the business and sell it in just 13 months. To learn from his insights and find out how he was able to supercharge their online sales listen to our conversation.

'Once you state your value proposition, you need to actually live it in your #business' - @JordanGal Click To Tweet

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Three things you should be doing to improve website performance

  • How to reduct shopping cart abandonments

  • Why live chat is a valuable tool to learn about customer needs

  • The power of a unique selling proposition in ecommerce businesses

  • What Jordan learned from selling his online business in one year

  • The most important website optimizations you can make


Resources and Links

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