Here at Pure Chat, we’re never satisfied. WE MUST BE THE BEST, DAMMIT! Sorry, did I mention we’re passionate, too? We always strive to make the best possible software we can; and continue to make it even easier to use with each update. We think it’s important to provide full disclosure on what we have been working on and even share the bugs we fixed so that you know we’re committed to improvement. Your feedback fuels these improvements so keep those chats and emails coming. We love hearing from each and every one of you! Alright, enough of the mushy stuff, let’s hop into the things we improved upon and the bugs we’ve fixed.


ron-burgundyWe believe sharing is caring which is why all areas of the product got something new added to it in this update. This includes awesome updates to the unavailable email system!

  • New Quick Links – To help you navigate the product better on the Dashboard page, we added in a Quick Links tab on the left panel. This will make navigating through all Pure Chat has to offer that much easier. Plus, we’re showoffs. We want you to easily see how how hard we have worked to add all those awesome features to the product. If you don’t know they exist, what’s the point?!
  • Website Management – On the Account page you will no longer see Customize Chat Box on the left. We have replaced it with Websites and it’s fantastic! Let me tell you why. This section is where you will do the customizing of your chat boxes like before, but now it’s much easier to edit each one. Quickly add domain security, modify the name of your chat box and assign users all from outside the customization menu. Plus, it gets better! From this page, you can now quickly toggle on and off the visitor tracking feature for each chat box, turn the chat box on or off or delete it entirely.
  • Filter Reports by Website – On Reports, the Chat Report can now be filtered by each website on your account. This means you can easily get the stats for specific websites to gain even more insight on where your chats are coming from.
  • Improved Mobile Optimized Chat Box! Let’s not forget about the mobile optimized chat box…your website is so badass that your visitors can sometimes get distracted. To help grab them back to their chat with you, we added a little alert icon for the visitor to see how many messages they’ve missed since they last checked the chat.
  • email-subjectImproved Emails – We made some much needed improvements to the email form and the email that you receive from us when the visitor leaves a message. From your chat box customization menu, you can now edit the Subject field for that email. (Screenshot here) Also, the email field in the chat box now recognizes tabs, doubles spaces and new lines to make the email appear as they sent it. Lastly, the field names will update accordingly if you update them in the customization menu.
  • Better OnboardingWe did a refresh of the new customer onboarding of the product. It’s a much improved first impression of Pure Chat. Everyone remembers the first impression!
  • Wow, we didn’t do this already? A visitor’s email address can now be clicked to easily email them from inside the customer details panel of the dashboard. Life is better now.


You know those unadvertised features we have sprinkled throughout the application? It turns out, some of you don’t like them, so we’ve addressed a few in this release…

  • Fixed the downloaded chat transcript to show the correct operator name, display any emojis, and show the data entered for the company field.
  • Line breaks that you add in the customization fields now all correctly show in the chat box settings.
  • Re-added the placeholder text in the chat box to make it more clear on how to send a message from the visitor chat box. Let’s just pretend that was never removed. 😉