Our team has been hard to work making Pure Chat the best it can be for our customers! We recently made several updates to make the product easier and even more customizable. Here are all of our most recent updates. Enjoy!

Tell visitors when you’re online or offline with images

live chat software customizationYou can already turn your chat box into an lead/email form and now you can also change the chat box image. When you’re not available to take live chats, you can choose to have your chat box turn into an email form, which is a super handy tool for lead capture. But those of you who have our default image that says “Chat” you may have been annoyed that you can’t change the image when the chat box becomes an email form. Well now you can! In our latest update you can choose two images, one for when you’re available and one when you’re not. To enable this feature, navigate to the Customize Chat Box area in Settings. On the “Before Chat” tab, you’ll be able to click “Unavailable Image” tab.

Add multiple lines to a chat with shift + enter

This is a super small usability tweak that many of you have been asking for! When you’re in a chat conversation, you can now hit shift+enter to type multiple lines in a message before you hit enter.

Javascript APIs give developers even greater flexibility

Have you ever wanted to do a custom integration for Pure Chat or change the chat box dynamically? Now you can! Using these APIs you can change the chat box position, trigger certain actions for the chat box and more. Developers can visit our Javascript API documentation for all the details.

Add Pure Chat to your Weebly website

weeblyWe’re excited to announce our integration with Weebly with the launch of their App Center and the introduction of Carbon. It just got even easier for millions of small businesses to add live chat software to their Weebly website. Our integration makes it possible to add Pure Chat to a Weebly website in a few clicks.

What Pure Chat improvements are you most excited about? Tell us! We’re all ears.