How do you become the best? How do businesses deliver a great customer experience using live chat? In an era where customer experience is critical, we sought out to understand how businesses deliver remarkable service. To find the answer, we analyzed the top-rated Pure Chat customers. When website visitors end a conversation with a Pure Chat user, they have the option to rate the experience by clicking either a happy or unhappy face. We took a look at all the smiles and all the frowns and stack-ranked the ratings. This is the second post in our three-post series in which we learn how these businesses became the best.

Daniel Derasmo is a Service Desk Analyst for TechGuru. They are an outsourced IT strategy and help desk service company in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Daniel and his team of support reps at TechGuru have a 96% happiness rating. Impressed by the great customer experience Daniel delivers to his customers, we gave him a call to learn more.

We learned that TechGuru provides live chat only for their existing customers. Their customers love being able to get instant answers to their questions. Live chat is much faster than going back-and-forth on email or even picking up the phone and waiting on hold.

Daniel and his team usually have two people available to respond to incoming chats. They are usually available between five to eight hours each business day and respond to over 30 chats per day.

Want to provide stellar live chat support? Improve your response time! With Pure Chat, Daniel and his team crank up sound notifications to ensure they respond as quickly as possible to every incoming chat message. His other advice for creating a great experience is to use fun and even silly text. “Some people don’t care or don’t even notice, but when it helps it helps,” says Derasmo.

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When asked about best practices, Daniel shares that they make sure every conversation is personal and in tune with each person’s personality. His team tries to match the level of seriousness of each person with whom they chat.

The TechGuru team prefers chat to other channels like phone or email. With live chat, they can much more easily multi-task. “Chat also allows us to be much more responsive to our users’ needs. Phone conversations are clunky and slow, and it takes a lot longer to resolve problems when I need to put you on hold and then find a technician who’s not already on the phone. Phone calls are ridiculously inefficient for both us and for the caller, and I think people are starting to realize that they’re best left as a last resort,” shared Derasmo.

And Pure Chat has had a significant impact on their business. It’s one of the TechGuru selling points. Daniel shared that it’s one of the the things they will demo for prospective clients. “We show them our ‘care portal’ and show them the chat there.”

Why is the TechGuru team so successful? “By and large our users really like us. We really aim for quick responses and quick resolutions. One of our core values here is caring,” says Daniel.

Want to improve your customer experience with live chat? Here are the top five tips from our most successful customers!

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