Local businesses are a key to the culture and meaning of any community. This month we celebrated and empowered local businesses. To wrap up the month, we wanted to share some of our personal favorite local businesses.

We asked a few of our Pure Chat team members about their local favorites. Here’s what they shared.

Anzio’s Italian Restaurant in Phoenix, AZ

“They are a true Mom & Pop business. Their food is fantastic, the atmosphere is great, and they have been in the same location for almost 30 years.” – Mike E., Developer

Tempe Track and Feed in Tempe, AZ

“I raise chickens and quail in my backyard. I get all the feed and equipment I need at Tempe Track and Feed. They’re knowledgeable and friendly and provide farm store services in the middle of the city, which is very convenient.” – Dillan B., QA/Support

Eegee’s in Tucson, AZ

“They have a delicious sandwich. I love it!” – Lauralee F., UX

American Spirit Arms in Scottsdale, AZ

“They are a small shop that has a huge impact in their area of expertise. They manufacture top of the line weaponry items and they are highly respected. Customer service is a priority and they are all about quality, which I appreciate!” – Robert N., – QA/Support

The Phoenix New Times in Phoenix, AZ

“Without the Phoenix New Times, my weekend would be boring and my palette would rarely experience the delights of Phoenix’s foodie hide-aways! Though I don’t always care for the political pieces, I love the way the New Times supports and enhances the Phoenix culture. They were proud of the Valley’s local flavor long before it was cool, and I appreciate the community they’ve fostered. Plus, how could I not support the organization that puts on the Pie Social?” – Arielle H., Marketing

I always try to shop local if I can (which is most of the time). It’s so hard for me to pick just one local business that I love. There are just so many! If I have to choose, however, my favorite is La Grande Orange in Phoenix, AZ. Most of the food at LGO is fantastic (which you can enjoy only if you brave the always-full parking lot). They make the best red velvet cake and their honey latte is my favorite coffee beverage.

Do you support your local business community? What’s your favorite local business? And why? We’d love to hear from you!