5 Ways to Get Clients for Your Cleaning Business

Live chat is the easiest way to connect with the leads who visit your site.

When over 59,000 companies provide janitorial and carpet cleaning services across the United States, figure out how to get cleaning clients can be a challenge. That’s why we have five ways for you get clients more quickly and easily than ever before.

1. Engage website visitors with live chat

You already have visitors coming to your website, but those visitors don’t matter if they don’t become your clients! With bounce rates as as high as 40 percent, much of your traffic is leaving without ever engaging with your brand.

While some of this should be addressed as you refine your website messaging, having someone immediately available on your website with live chat is another fantastic way to get more clients for your cleaning business. Live chat allows people who come to your website to get their questions answered ASAP. This is important because 44 percent of consumers say that having a live person answer their questions while they are in the middle of an online purchase was one of the most important features can offer according to Forrester. Overcoming objections while prospects are evaluating your service is key if you want even more cleaning clients.

2. Capture leads while you sleep

You can’t always be there to chat with website visitors - you have to sleep after all! Luckily live chat software like Pure Chat allows you to turn your chat box into a lead capture form when you’re not available to talk in real time. This capability lets you get the name and email of people who want to connect with you so you can follow up.

Just remember, research by InsideSales.com shows that 35-50 percent of sales go to the vendor that responds first. That doesn’t mean you should just shoot over a quick email to these potential clients and hope for the best. The sale will go to the vendor who starts a dialogue first. And that’s unlikely if you reach out to leads with messages that essentially say, “Are you ready to buy yet?” Respond in a way that genuinely aims to make the customer’s life better, establish trust, then go for the sale.

Capture Leads While You Sleep

3. Connect with customers on the go

The trouble with a lot of live chat tools is that they’re not built for companies (like cleaning businesses!) where the team doesn’t spend their whole day at a desk. That’s why Pure Chat built mobile chat apps that allow you to get clients for your cleaning business even when you’re on the go.

Once you’ve installed the iOS, Android or Kindle apps, every time a new lead starts a conversation with your team you’ll get a notification that allows you to chat with them instantly from your phone. That way you can get new clients for your cleaning business whether you’re on site, at the office, or running errands.

4. Make yourself accessible on social

Considering that 78 percent of respondents in this survey say that a company’s social media post impacts their buying decision, you need to make sure your social media presence is making it easier for potential clients to buy. One way to do this is to include live chat on your Facebook page, so leads can reach you instantly.

Make Yourself Accessible on Social

Pure Chat also offers “chat links” that you can share on channels like Pinterest or Twitter, so people can reach out with questions immediately if they see a post about your service or a promotion you’re doing. Being instantly available on all these different platforms will help you get more clients for your cleaning business because you’re always the company that’s accessible now.

5. Optimize your website content

Once you’re connecting with your leads and customers on a regular basis with live chat, you’ll start to notice that you get the same questions over and over. While you can always use canned responses to respond even more quickly, consider how you can better answer those questions on your website as well. If a potential client is taking the time to ask you a specific question before purchase, it probably means it’s key part of the information they need to make a buying decision.

Fortunately, Pure Chat allows you to see which page people are coming from when they start a chat with you, so you can get a feel for which pages are lacking the key information. Lara C., a UX designer at the Startup Institute had this to say:

“It’s really helped us to improve the UX of our site in a really cost effective and easy way. Things I would have had to find out through user testing, like questions people have about the site, I can now discover really easily through a question on Pure Chat.”

Getting more clients for your cleaning business can be tough, but with the right tools, you have a better opportunity to engage leads and drive more sales!

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