10 Signs You Should “Invest” In Free Live Chat

If you identify with more than 3 of these it’s time to try live chat

1. You get the majority of your business from your website.

We hope that you have a website! A recent study by SCORE found that “ only 51 percent of small businesses have websites, despite the fact that 97 percent of consumers search for products and services online.” If your website drives the majority of your revenue, why not take advantage of every opportunity to improve it? That’s what we thought. Live chat is free to try so there’s not a lot to lose.

2. You want to create a personal connection with customers.

Neil Patel shared that connecting with your customers makes them as much as 300 percent more likely to recommend your business. We all want amazing word of mouth from our customers. If your customers are starting to feel distant, trying out live chat for free just may be for you.

3. You want to stand out from the competition.

Even though live chat has been available for years, few small businesses provide live chat on their websites. If you want to stand out from your competition, you may want to try live chat. Patrick Henshaw of ETI Limos, shared that during their website redesign process he was looking for ways to create a unique experience. When he didn’t find live chat available on any competitor’s website he signed up for Pure Chat.

4. You don’t have enough leads.

Have you ever heard of a business with too many leads? It’s very rare. We all want more leads and more customers to serve. If your website isn’t converting as many leads as you want/need, consider live chat to help capture more leads. SmallBizTrends covers 21 ways to generate leads online and almost all of them will drive traffic to your website. But how are you engaging those website visitors? They might land on your website and have a question. Ensure you’re available to help them and you could get more clients.

Ready to Win Customers and Influence Website Traffic?

5. Your customers email you with questions.

Do you love email? No one does. Trying live chat might be for you if “inbox zero” is a fantasy for your team. Instead of investing a bunch of time in long, formal email exchanges, just make it simple for customers to get their questions answered quickly. With live chat you’ll be able to resolve each customer concern immediately. You’ll eventually climb out of your inbox and your website visitors will thank you, too.

6. You don’t have the time to take calls all day.

Unless your office operates like Glengarry Glen Ross, you probably can’t afford to spend all day on the phone. If we all had infinite time, we might be able to spend time with each prospect individually. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) time is a limited resource. Live chat will help minimize time on the phone and help you get back to other areas of the business.

7. You're tired of helping one person at a time.

Just like the phone, email and support tickets are answered one-at-a-time. If plugging away at each individual case isn’t for you, it might be a sign you should invest in free live chat. Instead of death by a thousand cuts you’ll be able to chat with multiple website visitors at once. Easy questions will get resolved much quicker.

8. You don’t have the budget to invest in expensive sales tools.

Sometimes sales software can come with big promises and even bigger price tags. For small businesses and small teams it’s hard to justify the investment without proof that it works. If you need something simple that works with a price point of zero, live chat might be worth a shot.

9. You want to create an awesome buying experience.

Are there multiple steps to purchasing products from your website? Are you missing out on sales because of abandoned shopping carts? Live chat can help you improve the purchase process on your website. Customer service before the sale is may be even more important than after the sale. In this article by SellingPower, they outline other steps to improve your buyer experience.

10. You need to improve customer service.

A recent survey found that 44% of US customers switch to a competitor following a bad customer service experience. Don’t let this happen to you! Your customers and website visitors don’t want to wait for an answer to a simply question. Give them the service experience they deserve. Make them say “wow!”

Free live chat for websites is not much of an investment--it’s free after all! It will take a few minutes to implement and it will take a time investment to use, but it’s a worthwhile endeavor. If you identify with any of the signs listed above, it might mean it’s time to hop, skip and jump over to the world of live chat software.

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