Installing Pure Chat

Using Pure Chat

Add Pure Chat to WordPress

Add Live Chat to Your WordPress Site in 3 Minutes

Pure Chat for WordPress

Live chat is a quick, effective way to make a connection with customers and leads. Start using it on your WordPress site and install the Pure Chat plugin for WordPress. It takes less than 3 minutes to install and can increase conversions 35%!

Get Set Up Quickly

Love it. This plugin has really simplified my life!


Reach Customers from Your Phone or Desktop

Once Pure Chat is installed and activated you can use the mobile or web apps to chat with customers from anywhere. You just need to set your status to "available" on the web version and download the iOS or Android app.

Customize your Pure Chat chat box

Customize the Chat Box to Match Your Company's Brand

Design your chat box to match your website by going to the Pure Chat account settings in the web version. There you’ll find the ability to change the text, position, color and image, so the chat box looks exactly how you want it to.
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Never Miss a Lead with Email Forms

Your team doesn’t need to be online 24/7 to engage leads and customers. The chat box turns into an email form when everyone is away, so website visitors can always reach out to your team.

Start answering customer and lead questions instantly!

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