Frequently asked questions

10 questions answered about live chat.

How do I get Pure Chat's chat widget on my website?

All you have to do is copy/paste a snippet of javascript code into your website's HTML before the closing body tag (just like you would for Google Analytics). To get your code snippet or email directions to your webmaster, just go to the Chat Widget Manager and press the orange HTML button next to the widget you'd like to put on your site. If you use WordPress or Shopify, we also have a free WordPress plugin and Shopify app that makes Pure Chat super easy to set up :)

What is a Personal Chat Page?

A Personal Chat Page is a customizable, one-page website hosted by Pure Chat, where people can live chat with you. Don't worry - only people you've shared your personalized URL with can start a chat with you!)

How can I submit a new feature request?

You can send us the features you would like to see in Pure Chat through our Facebook, Twitter, and email.

Does Pure Chat support other languages?

Sort of. You can customize and translate every message in the chat popup, but currently our dashboard is only available in English.

What mobile support is available for Pure Chat?

Pure Chat offers mobile apps for iOS, Android and Kindle! Download them now!

Can add Pure Chat to my Etsy shop, eBay store or other ecommerce site?

Absolutely, that's why we've created hosted chat pages! This allows you to simply copy/paste a reusable link on sites that don't let you to use your own javascript. Learn more about setting up a hosted chat page here.

I've pasted the javascript into my HTML, but don't see the chat popup on my site. Why not?

Usually this is because there aren't any operators logged in and “available,” but if that's not your issue, refresh the page to make sure you aren't looking at a cached version of your site. If you still don't see it, please send an email to!

Why doesn't the widget show up when operators are unavailable?

This is a behavior that's defined in your chat popup settings under the No Operators tab. If you'd like the chat popup to display an email form or unavailable message instead, just select it in the dropdown.

I love Pure Chat! How can I help promote it?

If you enjoy Pure Chat, please help us spread the word about it. Share Pure Chat on Facebook and tweet about Pure Chat on Twitter. (Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter!)