Installing Pure Chat

Using Pure Chat

Customize & Brand
Your Chat Box

Use Pure Chat’s convenient editor to customize your chat widget to match your brand and website. You can easily update the design, size, position, text fields and behavior on both desktop and mobile devices to create the best user experience possible.

Chat Box Styles

Pure Chat offers the flat Minimal style and the bordered Classic design.

Minimal style chat box

Choose a Layout

Your chat box can be displayed as an Engagement Hub, image, image and Engagement Hub, or custom button. Once you’ve chosen that layout you can select one of our basic colors and images or upload your own.

Chat box customize layout

Unavailable chat box image

You can also show a different chat box image when you’re not available to let website visitors know your team is offline or that they can reach you via email using the chat box form.

Remove the Branding

Does your organization need to remove branding from the chat widget? No problem! Just upgrade to Pure Chat PRO and you can make sure the chat box is a full representation of your brand (and not ours).

Powered by Pure Chat

Chat in Any Language

Pure Chat wants to make it easy for you and your website visitors to converse in a variety of languages. Businesses can customize the text field languages, use R to L scripts and respond in whichever language has been established in the exchange.

Use any language with Pure Chat

Please note that the Pure Chat dashboard is only available in English at this time.

Put Your Best Face Forward

Make the chat experience more personal by uploading a photo to every operator profile.

Update your profile picture

Pure Chat JavaScript API

Anything Else You Want to Customize?

Then use our Javascript APIs to customize the chat box appearance and behaviors with code.

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