JSI Signs Crafts the Ideal Customer Experience

Learn how they use Pure Chat to waste less time on the phone

Meet Amy. Amy spends her managing marketing, sales and sometimes even fulfillment for JSI Signs. Based in Norcross, Georgia JSI Signs offers sign supplies including heat transfers and digital printing. Crafters and creative moms learn about new designs and crafts on social media (mostly Facebook) and then visit their website.

Time is precious for Amy. She’s constantly problem solving and on-the-go. Time is so critical to Amy that she was actually trying to make their office phone ring less. Yes, you read that correctly.

Like many small businesses today, the team at JSI Signs found that a lot of calls could easily be answered with an answering service. Their customers would call asking about their store hours or their locations. Even with the answering service, time on the phone is time spent away from fulfilling online orders. Being on the phone was so time consuming they went looking for an alternative way to turn website visitors into customers.

Today, responding to website visitors with Pure Chat is just part of Amy’s daily routine. It doesn’t interrupt her day like when the phone rings. Amy multitasks and takes chats wherever she happens to be--at work, at home or on-the-go, etc! She estimates that 60 to 75% of all her chats are responding to frequently asked questions as part of the online purchasing process. She said that sometimes customers will try and place an order via chat.

Why should other small businesses use live chat? Amy believes that many websites are confusing. She believes that live chat can help others better navigate websites and get their questions answered before they buy which results in more satisfied customers.

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