Live Chat is a Hole in One for Krank Golf

Learn how they use Pure Chat to engage customers

Krank Golf’s award-winning long range drivers use unique, high-quality materials to “make the ball go further,” says sales lead Glenn Carey. Since inception, the company has won 16 World Long Drive titles, but Carey knows they’re still “a small fish in a very, very big pond.” Fortunately, they’re also “gaining market share, growing, and Pure Chat is helping [them] do that.”

According to Carey, getting started was a snap because Pure Chat is “the easiest thing to set up. We have six sales reps and we were all up and running in 45 minutes.”

After that easy implementation, his team has become enthusiastic about the inbound leads that reach them through the Krank Golf website.

“Now we just sit and we wait for our "bing" to come in. The guys race to get it because these are people that want to talk to us,” explains Carey. “I'll wake up in the morning, check the transcripts from the night before, and see one rep who has chats at 1:00 AM, 3:00 AM, 4:00 AM... I'm like, ‘Why are you getting up in the middle of the night?’ He says, ‘Well, if there's money to be made, I want to be there to make it!’"

Why is that time investment worth it to his team? Carey says it’s because “they create more revenue. They're getting bigger paychecks.”

Krank Golf Drivers

This additional cash flow is especially impressive when Carey considers the cost:

“It's so inexpensive. Our entire setup is less than $55 a month, and we generated thousands in sales off of this in six weeks.”

He thinks live chat is such a high-converting channel because “picking up the phone can be a bit of a barrier for folks. Typically, if you're at work at your office, it's easy just to chat because you can get back to it. I love live chat because it really removes the barrier to get people to talk to you, and it lets people talk to you on their terms. That empowers them in a sales process, and it gives them an option that doesn't make them stop everything they're doing to talk to you.”

If Carey were to sum up the positive impact live chat has had on their business, he would say it like this: “Any time we can get more people -- I was going to say on the phone, but it's not really on the phone… Any time we get more people chatting with us, we're going to sell more products, and we're going to help grow our brand, and more people are going to be happy with their golf game because they have our clubs.”

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