Primal 7 Transforms Leads into Customers with Chat

Learn how they use Pure Chat to increase conversions

Primal 7 is a fitness company that utilizes suspension straps and resistance bands together for a safe, simple workout that can be customized for any skill level -- even for those overcoming injuries. The business was founded in 2014, which is when operations director Jasmine Victoria was hired to run fulfillment and customer service -- a task that required adding live chat to their Shopify site.

After looking into a few alternatives, Jasmine found Pure Chat in the Shopify app store and chose it because of the positive reviews and affordable prices. At the time she wasn’t 100% sure live chat would be for them and she wanted a chance to experiment with Pure Chat’s free plan.

Fitness that utilizes suspension straps and resistance bands

Despite her initial skepticism, Jasmine says, “Since becoming a user in November 2015, Pure Chat has played a crucial role in helping us to convert the surge in traffic from our marketing efforts.”

Because their product is unique and new to the market, their new leads and customers have a ton of questions! Chat is a great way for them to give those shoppers the education they need.

“It’s been really helpful to have the live chat feature there to answer those questions. Being available has definitely increased our conversions,” Jasmine says.

Jasmine also loves having the ability to connect with leads on-the-go and facilitate the sales from their phone.

“Because I’m often away from the office either running errands or trainings, it’s extremely valuable that I’m able to take my business tools on the road. It’s so important to be available to our customers and the mobile app allows me to stay on top of chats from anywhere.”

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