CrushFit Destroys Their Sales Goals with Live Chat

Learn how they use Pure Chat to achieve amazing conversion rates

CrushFit is an all-inclusive sports nutrition company that leverages the expertise of founder Ben Williamson, an international fitness model, author, spokesmodel, gym owner and trainer, to create fitness plans that combine supplements with interactive workout guides.

Since most of their business comes through the website, Ben knew it was essential to offer online shoppers a way to get instant answers to their buying questions. That’s when he came across Pure Chat in the Shopify app store.

Ben was a fan of Pure Chat right off the bat thanks to the experience it's “clean and simple” design delivered to his website visitors.

CrushFit team

“I’m a brand snob so I want the interaction to best represent our business. Pure Chat is great because there’s not a 3-step verification to start a chat,” he shared.

Today, the CrushFit team primarily uses Pure Chat to answer sales support questions. They get spikes in traffic during promotions, which is why they prepare by setting up a few team members in a coffee shop to answer questions and convert sales via chat.

“As a small business owner, I like to focus on figuring out what works,” Ben said, “Live chat is a tool that’s really low risk. For us, Pure Chat pays for itself before 8am on the first day of each month!”

Since they started using Pure Chat in November 2015, CrushFit has seen such awesome returns because live chat has proven to be a killer sales channel for their business.

“If we can get visitors to chat, we convert 9 out of 10 people,” Ben says. (Wow!)

Thanks to these impressive numbers, Ben has become an advocate for Pure Chat and what it can do for small businesses.

“Pure Chat is something to at least try for your business. You don’t have to give it attention at a desk because you can just send the chats to your mobile phone. It's been a huge success for our business,” he says.

Aside from the positive impact on their bottom line, at the end of the day live chat is really all about connecting with and improving the lives of the CrushFit customers.

“Some of our customers are big fans. They think it’s really cool when the owner and founder jumps on the chat to talk with them directly,” Ben shares, “We really love connecting with our customers and encourage our team to always put people first!”

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