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Ben Williamson - CrushFit
Ben Williamson
CEO, CrushFit
Customer since November 2015

Learn how Health & Fitness professionals are using live chat to increase sales.

Coach your customers through the buying process

Coach your customers through the buying process.

New leads have a ton of questions. Help them make a buying decision by offering instant answers to their questions.
Create a one-on-one connection

Create a one-on-one connection.

Live chat is a great way to improve the customer experience on your website and develop a more personal connection with members.
Mobile apps to help your active lifestyle

Mobile apps help chat suit your active lifestyle.

The Pure Chat mobile apps for iOS and Android make it easy for you to answer customers questions ⎯ even when you’re on the floor.
Primal 7 product
Primal 7 fitness equipment

“It’s been really helpful to have the live chat feature there to answer questions. Being available has definitely increased our conversions!”

Jasmine Victoria
COO, Primal 7
Customer since November 2015

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