Mod Has Modernized their Sales Process

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Mod is an on-demand, shared workspace where entrepreneurs can drop in to check their email, have a meeting, or do a day's worth of work. It can be a startup’s headquarters or a spot people pop into for a few extra minutes of productivity!

Because of the on-demand nature of Mod’s business, community manager Ty Fishkind considers live chat a business essential.

“It's really important to us that we can give our members and potential members the information they want when they want it... That’s why we use Pure Chat to immediately whatever questions a website visitor has,” explains Fishkind.

She and her team also use Pure Chat to book meetings and events because it gives them a quick way to share everything their amenities have to offer.

Mod is an on-demand, shared workspace

“When people are booking events, they want information now. They need to collect as much information as they can possibly get,” says Fishkind. “The fact that I can respond immediately, find out what they need without going back and forth via email means that I can compile all of the information at once, give them a dollar amount, and they can say, "Yes, this sounds great."

Because messaging is more casual than other forms of business communication, Fishkind feels like it also allows she and her team to “give a little bit of personality in that conversation rather than them digging through our price structure... We can have an actual dialogue.”

In addition to the benefit to Mod’s customers, Pure Chat has also had a positive effect on her team as well.

“I love the sound it makes when someone chimes in. It's great to know someone has discovered you and is coming to find out information about you. There's something really rewarding about that. It's one of those minor moments in the day that makes you happy.”

On top of the feel-good vibes, Pure Chat is also affecting Mod’s bottom line by helping them generate more leads.

“We've gotten so many more inquiries since we started using Pure Chat because of the instantaneous response time. It's made a world of difference.”
Pure Chat helps generate leads

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