Live Chat for Android

Never miss a lead, take your chats on the go!

  • Provide instant answers on your website and see visitor history.

  • See who’s on your website in real-time and start a conversation.

  • Access chat history, set your schedule, manage canned responses and more.

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What Your Customers See

Customers can easily start chats from their phone or tablet with Pure Chat’s mobile-optimized chat box. When someone reaches out to your team, the chat box will pop up on their current page, so you can provide instant answers without forcing website visitors to switch back and forth between webpages.

Can customize until your heart's content!  
by Zoee White
Who woulda thought that a few lines of code could have such a powerful effect? If you want bells and whistles on your website to impress your site visitors, stop reading and install this app right now!

Additional features include:

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