Pure Chat vs Olark

Better, Faster, Easier at 1/3 the Price

Pure Chat and Olark are both live chat providers. Both products enable you to engage with website visitors and customers through chat. Each provider offers key chat features such as design customization, reporting, targeted chats, and a Google Analytics integration. Beyond that, however, there are a few key differences.

Only available with Pure Chat

Native Mobile Apps

If you're the type of business owner or team that can't be chained to your desk, you can take advantage of Pure Chat's native mobile apps for iOS and Android. We also offer SMS notifications to ensure that you never miss an opportunity to chat with a visitor or customer. Olark doesn't offer native mobile apps.

Personal Chat Pages

A couple of our key features that Pure Chat offers include hosted chat pages and Personal Chat Pages. Stand alone chat pages for individual people or for specific products.


Because Pure Chat is focused on helping small business, we integrate with Infusionsoft. With this integration, Infusionsoft customers are able to trigger follow-up and automation based on chat conversations. We also integrate with Google Analytics and Axosoft.

Comparison Chart

Pure ChatOlark
Proactive Chats & Triggers
User Management
Visitor Information
Operator-to-Operator Chat
Statistics and Reports
SMS Notifications
Native Mobile Apps
Push Notifications (Mobile Apps)
Personal Chat Pages
Hosted Chat Pages
Infusionsoft Integration
Axosoft Integration

Annual Pricing

Pure ChatOlark
2 Operators$20.00/mo$30/mo
5 Operators$50.00/mo$75/mo
10 Operators$100.00/mo$150/mo
We love Pure Chat. It was incredibly easy to implement and our sales people are thanking us every day for it!

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