Live Chat Software Comparison

Which live chat tool is right for your small business?

When it comes to finding the best live chat solution for your business and your website, there’s no shortage of providers to choose from. Some emphasize the ability to be used on multiple websites, while others give you greater flexibility and control over the design which is why live chat software comparison is so important.

Live Chat Software Comparison

The question then becomes “which live chat software will grow with my business?” and for that, it’s good to have a reliable comparison chart that you can refer to. We’ve listed out all the most important and commonly requested features, so you can compare mobile details, pricing, integrations, customization and more. Use it to independently review and choose a live chat software provider that can keep up with your business, wherever you are.

It’s tough to compare different live chat solutions because the features aren’t always equal. One company may say they offer custom design, when really it’s limited by their existing templates. That’s why we created this list to make it as clear as possible for you to see what’s really being offered.

Compare Different Live Chat Solutions

How Pure Chat Stands Out

Unlike our competitors, we don’t restrict our free plan to a single operator. You can use Pure Chat to dive in and find out how live chat works for your business with the whole team on board. Our free plan also gives small businesses full access to chat box customizations, mobile apps and chat triggers. Once you’ve graduated onto an advanced plan, our live chat software is the most affordable option with integrations to all your favorite business tools!

Try us today and see what your live chat has been missing!