Pure Chat Features

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How it Works

Use visitor analytics and contact history to have better conversations

Use live chat software to have conversations with your website visitors and uncover additional details through real-time visitor analytics and contact history. Together, these complementary tools give you insights into traffic trends, user experience, marketing campaign effectiveness and more. You can also leverage this information to identify promising leads, then use the visitor alerts feature and trigger-based chat functionality to capitalize on your most qualified prospects, resulting in increased sales for your business.

Why Choose Pro Chat?

Increase sales and customer happiness with affordable professional software

Pure Chat is ideal for advanced sales and marketing teams who want to connect with their website visitors throughout the customer lifecycle by leveraging data and insights from chat conversations and user behaviors to provide a personalized experience at every touchpoint.

Integrated solution

A full-featured live chat product that incorporates real-time visitor analytics and contact history to help your organization optimize every interaction.


Improve your bottom line with real-time sales support without per user or per contact nickel and diming.


When we say something, we mean it. Know that you’re working with a company that embraces integrity and takes pride in everything we do.


Everything you need, nothing you don’t. Pure Chat is easy to set up and incredibly intuitive to use. Sign up, install the code on your website and start chatting in minutes.


Live chat is an extension of your brand, which is why you have complete control over how your chat widget looks and functions on both desktop and mobile devices using our convenient editor.

30-day money back guarantee

If for any reason you don’t love using a Pure Chat paid plan, we’ll refund your money. No questions asked.


Improve sales, marketing and support efforts by connecting Pure Chat data with your favorite applications

Teams today know that data integration across your organization is one of the keys to generating successful outcomes. Pure Chat understands this and has created a number of direct integrations with popular software products such as Google Analytics, HubSpot, and Infusionsoft. Additionally, you can use Zapier to integrate with over 1000+ other applications. Together, these connected data points make it easy to leverage contact and behavioral information to optimize your marketing, sales and support efforts.


Pure Chat Pricing Starts at $39/Month paid annually

See Our Pricing 30-day money back guarantee

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