Installing Pure Chat

Using Pure Chat

Add Pure Chat to your SpaceCraft Website

Live chat software for your small business

To get started, log into your Pure Chat (or create one). Navigate to Customize Chat Box and click Install. Open the Add Code To Your Website On Your Own install option and copy the code snippet provided.

Open a new tab on your browser and log into your SpaceCraft account. If you don’t have a SpaceCraft account create one and click the Get Started button to complete the setup instructions.

Once you’re logged into SpaceCraft, get access to the Developer Tools by selecting settings (the gear icon), select Users and Roles and then select the Developer Box.

Log out of your SpaceCraft account and log back in. You will now see a developer tools icon appear next to the gear icon in your dashboard.

You can add Pure Chat to a single page or every page.

Add Pure Chat to a single page

  • Select Content.
  • Select a page.
  • Click the green + icon.
  • Select Custom HTML Block.

Add Pure Chat to every page

  • Select Content.
  • Select Footer under Global Settings.
  • Click the green + icon.
  • Select Custom HTML.

Once the Custom HTML block is added, paste the Pure Chat code into the block.

Select the Save button then select the Publish button. Go back to Pure Chat and enter your website’s domain. This will allow you to confirm that the code snippet was properly installed.

Add Live Chat to Your Website in 3 Minutes!