Chat Helps Hasco Medical Convert Vans and Leads

Learn how they use Pure Chat to increase conversions

Damon Didier, the Director of Marketing for the HASCO Medical wakes up every morning focused on lead generation. His small marketing team runs like a startup and works hard everyday to generate leads and keep the cost of those leads down.

The HASCO Medical companies sell and rent vehicles for people with disabilities. Headquartered in Dallas, TX HASCO Medical is the parent company of three separate companies: Ride-Away, Mobility Freedom and Wheelchair Vans of America.

Damon’s team works to maximize every modern marketing channel including pay-per-click advertising, remarketing through AdRoll, monthly emails from MailChimp, social and search. Using all these channels drives traffic to their websites, but Damon needed a way to capture and convert those leads. His major ah-ha moment came when he realized that instead of using live chat for support, he could use it for marketing! Damon quickly saw that live chat is a great way for prospects to interact with his team in a low pressure environment.

Their marketing team tried a few other live chat tools before ultimately choosing Pure Chat.

“The previous chat solutions we used were not authentic; they used a stock photo or an outdated web aesthetic. We really care about our customers and we care about how we interact with them and those designs look like we didn’t put thought into our chat interactions. We sweat these details and Pure Chat does an awesome job of delivering. Since switching last year, what has blown me away is the number of new customers we have acquired using Pure Chat and I believe it is due to its straight forward and modern interface,” he said.

The IT team for HASCO Medical used the Pure Chat plugin for Wordpress to enable Pure Chat on all three of their company websites. In particular, Damon really liked how easy it was to get started with Pure Chat and how frequently new features are added.

“What has blown me away is the number of new customers we have acquired using Pure Chat and I believe it is due to its straightforward, modern interface.”

⎯ Damon Didier, Marketing Director, customer since October 2014

Since Damon is accountable for lead generation, he always wants to know how the team is doing. They set their schedules in Pure Chat to stay available all day--every day. With Pure Chat mobile, Damon even gets notifications about chats on his Apple Watch while on vacation!

His team has a friendly competition going to see who can claim the most new chats first! His team also uses the Pure Chat reporting to see which team member has the most chats and the most positive feedback from website visitors.

From the lead source tracking in their CRM, Damon can show that having Pure Chat on their websites has generated hundreds of thousands in revenue! Over a fifth of those sales were from international customers who find that Pure Chat makes communicating easy versus Skype and phone calls which can be difficult to understand or translate.

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