Orange Blade Cuts Sales Calls for Live Chat

Learn how they use Pure Chat to engage leads on their site

Over a decade ago, Orange Blade Consultants opened their doors as a third party consultant for the design software giant, Autodesk. Soon after, OBC became one of the top Bluebeam Software resellers in the world. That same year OBC also became one of the top Bluebeam Software resellers in the world. The company’s founder John Magyar chose to focus on Bluebeam software over other collaborative software tools because “Bluebeam Software has a direct impact on our current customers and was well on it’s way to becoming the Gold Standard in PDF-Based Project Collaboration,” John says.

Early on, OBC had a chat product installed on their site, they realized that in order to keep up with client service demands and maintain that high level of service, they needed to upgrade to a more innovative product.

In search of a tool that was easy to deploy and user friendly, John led OBC to Pure Chat. “It was immediately obvious that this tool was a perfect fit and only going to get better."

"Pure Chat encourages our customers and prospects to engage with us. We’ve been loyal to Pure Chat ever since.” (Their team joined in April 2015!)

In addition to the simple interface, John also appreciates how accessible Pure Chat has made he and his team to their customers.

“Pure Chat is a great fit because the visitors aren’t always clients initially. Oftentimes a visitor will approach OBC with a chat question because they’re unable to reach their initial reseller and with Pure Chat, we’re able to assist them almost instantly,” John explains, “This type of interaction qualifies us not only as experts with Bluebeam Software, but as an organization that still delivers excellent service. It's been paying dividends already while also enhancing our CRM system by documenting all contact we've had with customers or prospects.”

What kind of dividends? John estimates that product sales originating in a chat session bring in an excess of $2K every week, with some deals exceeding $12K…. all from a simple chat session! He adds that these are conversations “that wouldn't have happened without chat. Clients appreciate the instant gratification we can offer with Pure Chat.”

Orange Blade Consultants chat activity can range from a handful of chats in a day, to two or three at a time. Because of that range, John feels Pure Chat is an essential tool because “people seem less likely to make a phone call. They don't want to engage in 10 minute conversations because they might not have the time. They just want to get some simple answers, without feeling like they’re being sold to over the phone.”

“That’s why live chat works for us. It’s simple questions, very direct answers, and the conversation usually goes somewhere. As a client, you develop trust even though there's never been voice-­to­-voice contact.” – John Magyar, Founder, Orange Blade Consultants

Pure Chat is an essential tool for Orange Blade

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