Chat is iSkelter’s Favorite Web Accessory

Learn how they use Pure Chat to provide instant answers

iSkelter is a tech accessory company that solves customers’ problems with bamboo products that are produced in the USA. Although a lot of their business is buyer referral, they sell all over the web and new customers often find them!

Jon Irons, their design and fabrication lead, explains why the ability to chat with website visitors is important:

“We try to keep as in tune with our customers as possible, so Pure Chat obviously helps us do that. Since we started talking with shoppers in real time, we’ve definitely seen a monetary increase because it allows that customer to be on our site live, speaking with us, asking questions about the little things that they need.”

That instant communication has streamlined their buying process so customers “can just go through the cart and click order right then.” Irons feels that Pure Chat has had a big impact on their website conversions because the immediacy of live chat is so much more reliable than other forms of communication.

“It's just the live customer-to-company interaction. That's huge. It really humanizes it. When customers send an email out into the void, they don't know if they’re going to get an email back a couple days later or at all,” Irons observes. “At that point...they may not even be in the mindset to buy, or they already found what they were looking for. In the world nowadays, if you don't find something right away and you want it now, you can go other places. Yes, our products are unique and customers may not be able to get the same bamboo lapdesk elsewhere, but they might find a plastic one that they can buy right then without waiting for questions to be answered.”

Bamboo Lap Desk

For Irons though, the benefits of live chat go beyond iSkelter’s ability to convert more customers. He also values the improved customer experience that instant messaging provides.

“I believe that Pure Chat allows the customer to feel a lot more comfortable. They can just message us right then with the smallest little thing -- something they probably wouldn't have sent an email about -- and that little thing may be the difference between them ordering the product or not.”

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