Pure Chat for Ecommerce Businesses

Increase Conversions
& Boost Sales with Live Chat

Since we started talking with shoppers in real time,
we’ve definitely seen a monetary increase because it allows customers to...
ask questions about whatever they need.

Jon Irons - iSkelter
Jon Irons
Design + Fabrication, iSkelter
Customer since October 2015

Learn how online retail businesses are using live chat to create loyal, returning customers.

Reduce shopping cart abandonment

Reduce shopping cart abandonment with instant answers.

Shoppers have a ton of questions. Make sure you’re there to provide quick, simple answers in the moments that matter most (like checkout!).
Make mobile shopping easy

Make mobile shopping a breeze.

Today 30% of all transactions are done on-the-go. That’s why your Pure Chat chat box transforms to fit your mobile site and offer shoppers the same personalized customer experience on any device.
See how customer's really shop

See how your customers really shop.

Get inside your consumer’s head and use a Pure Chat’s website visitor tracking tool to see how what pages shoppers look at and where they get held up.
Krank Golf Products
Krank Golf Drivers

"Any time we get more people chatting with us we're going to sell more products...grow our brand, and more people are going to be happy with their golf game because they have our clubs."

Glenn Carey
Sales Manager, Krank Golf
Customer since April 2015

Create more loyal shoppers and hit your sales goals!