Startup Institute Adds a Human Touch with Live Chat

Learn how they use Pure Chat to connect with students

Startup Institute operates a professional program that helps students find a job they love by building their technical skills with expert training for the most in-demand positions.

Prospective students usually have a number of questions before applying, so live chat has become one of their most important communication channels.

“I use Pure Chat to get our prospective students talking. Normally, they'll come to us either knowing what they want to ​*do... or trying to ask a few more questions*​ to figure out if this the right place for them,” says admissions coordinator Alessia Mondlane, “​*With chat*​ I'm able to touch more people and actually give them that human interaction, which you can't do as well when you're on email.”

That kind of quick, personable communication is really important to Alessia because it allows her to better communicate the brand’s voice.

Live Chat is quick, personable communication

Aside from admissions, Startup Institute has also used live chat to optimize their website. According to Lara Cavezza, a front-end developer and UX designer, it’s helped them determine which content needs to be refined.

“I've found that it's really helped us to improve the UX of our site in an easy, cost-effective way. Things I would have had to find out through user testing -- like questions that people might have had about the site when I put it in front of them -- I can now find out quickly based on the questions coming in through Pure Chat,” Laura says.

Technology Director Bach Bui also believes live chat has helped them
learn more about their own customer’s buying cycle.

“What we've noticed is that the life cycle of people coming in can be much longer than initially thought,” Bach explains, “Someone may have touched our website for the first time months ago, but will come in today, chat with someone on our admissions team and then make the conversion to start an application.”

”Live chat has had a big impact on the kind of conversations we can have. It's just made our system a little more efficient and helped conversations get going a little faster.”

- Alessia Mondlane, Admissions

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