Create a Dedicated Live Chat Page

Let people chat with you from your own live chat page

Create a Personal Chat Page

If you didn't set up a Personal Chat Page when you created your account, don't worry you still can! First you'll click on Settings in the top right.

Once you are in your settings, you'll see Personal Chat Page on the left sidebar. When you click on it, your page and customization options will open in a new window.

Change your URL

Your Personal Chat Page can have a custom url and the good news is, you can change this at any time. If you decide you need something new you can always click the edit button at the top of the edit page and create a new URL!

Customize Your Page

On the left customize sidebar you can not only change the colors and background image but you can also modify every state of the page. For example, you can modify what fields a visitor sees and the text for each area. The editor is only for changing the look and feel, you'll take chats from the dashboard after you publish.

Publishing Changes

Anytime you change your url or modify your Personal Chat Page, the changes will not be live until you click publish in the top right corner so don't forget!

Deleting Account

In the Personal Chat Page editor, there's a link at the bottom of the left sidebar that you can click on to delete your Personal Chat Page.